Community planning

Community planning happens when members of a community gather to identify their values, what is important about where they live and what they would like to see happen in their community in the future.

From this, a community plan can be created to include a stated vision and priorities for that community.

Creating a community plan connects communities, develops resilience and builds connections with Council.

Council encourages communities to access resources and advice available through the Community Planning Program to help them develop their own community plans.

Role of communities in community planning
  • Actively participate in the community planning process
  • Identify and mobilise community members to participate in discussions
  • Utilise community members’ skills and assets through developing their own community plans.
  • Ensure a broad representation of views and ideas are captured and reflected in a community plan
Role of Council in community planning
  • Partner with a community by providing administrative support throughout the community planning process
  • Help communities develop, gain approval for and implement priority projects identified in community plans, including those that don’t directly involve Council
  • Facilitate connections with, and providing advice from, relevant Council Officers
  • Help communities connect with organisations external to Council where needed.
Current Community Plans

Community plans have been developed in the following areas:

For further information and advice about developing a community plan, contact the Community Development Officer, Kelly Bevan