Forms & fees

How much do Council Services cost? See our fees and charges from 1 July in our (PDF, 2MB)Budget 23/24(PDF, 2MB) from page 56.

Council offers a wide range of services to our communities. Discretionary services are those that residents can choose to use, such as recreation services, aged care, applications for planning and building approvals and human services. In most cases Council provides these on a fee-for-service, or user-pays basis, rather than funding them entirely out of rates and other general revenues.

Some of these fees and charges, such as statutory planning fees, are set by state government statute and are commonly known as ‘statutory or regulatory fees’. In these cases Council has no control over service pricing. Non-regulatory fees and charges, however, are set by Council annually.

Some community facility hire fees can be waived if eligibility criteria are met. See Council’s Community Facility Hire Fee Waiver Policy(PDF, 244KB) for details (editable forms available).



Animal registration

Animal registration - pdf(PDF, 132KB)

Excess dogs and cats permit

Permit to keep other animals

Roadside grazing permit

Bins/waste collection

New or additional bin


Change of address

Change of property use(PDF, 306KB)

Direct debit request(PDF, 109KB)

Email my rates

Farm rate request

Rates hardship form

Local Laws

Outdoor Dining and Trading 

Obstruction Permit (Fencing/Hoarding, skip bins etc)

Temporary Street Stall/BBQ

Entertain or busk

Filming permit

Roadside Firewood Collect Permit



Asset protection permit 

Accommodation premises - application to register(PDF, 88KB)

Environmental health department inspection - special request

Environmental health request for information

Food, accommodation or health premises - pre-purchase inspection application

Food premises - application to register(PDF, 129KB)

Food premises - notification of class 4 food premises

Health premises - application to register 

Temporary Food Permit

Self-assessment tool for businesses

Outdoor dining & trading


Planning and building


Objection to a Planning Application Form(PDF, 234KB)

Withdrawal of an Objection to Planning Permit Form(PDF, 79KB)

Planning permit application

End or amend a Section 173 Agreement

Request an extension of time to planning permit

Request for written planning advice

Request secondary consent

Significant tree nomination

Section 50/ 57A amendment to a planning permit


Archival Search Request 

Asset protection permit

Asset protection permit(PDF, 153KB)

Building information request 

Extension of time for a building permit

Fencing - request adjoining landowner's contact details

Legal point of discharge

Obstruction Permit - for building projects

Occupancy certificate

Request under Section 29A of the Building Act - Report and consent on proposed demolition

Report and Consent under the Building Regulations 2018 - Siting concession dispensation

Septic system - alter or register(PDF, 384KB)

Renewal of septic/wastewater permit - extension of time

Swimming pool and spa registration

Works within road reserves


Events and venues 

Entertain or busk permit

Filming permit

Place items on a footway or road reserve - short term (e.g. street stall)



Complaint form

Community asset committees nomination

Freedom of Information request

Infringements internal review

Letter of support request

Participate in Council meeting

Report an issue