Public registers and information

Council makes a range of documents available on our website and by public inspection for free.

The Freedom of Information Part II Statement(PDF, 571KB) sets out the type of information that Council has in its possession and how you can access this information.

While every attempt is made to provide the documents you request, the Freedom of Information Act 1982 does have some limits on access. Please see our Freedom of Information page for information on how to make a request.

Personal Interest Returns

A Personal Interest Return is a record of the private interests of a person in public office that assists in improving transparency. Personal Interest Returns are a requirement under Division 3 of Part 6 (sections 132-136) of the Local Government Act 2020.

The following people are required to submit Personal Interest Returns to Council:

  • Elected Councillors
  • Members of Council’s Audit and Risk Committee
  • Officers nominated by the CEO (all Directors and Managers).

The following summaries of interest returns are available for download:

The Personal Interest Returns as submitted remain confidential.

Requests for an inspection of the summary can be made by contacting Council’s Governance and Risk Department via email:


Instruments of Delegation represent the formal delegation of powers by Council. Section 11(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) provides for a Council to delegate powers, duties and functions to its CEO under the Act or any other Act, other than certain specified powers.  

Delegations enable the business of Council to be carried out effectively, in line with Council-approved policies and are assigned to positions within Council, rather than to staff individually. When executing powers under delegation, staff are also limited and bound by Council policies and procedures.

S5 - Instrument of Delegation - Council to CEO - September 2023(PDF, 120KB)
S6 - Instrument of Delegation - Council to Council Staff - September 2023(PDF, 388KB)
S7 - Instrument of Delegation Sub-Delegation by CEO - September 2023(PDF, 815KB)
S13 - Instrument of Delegation by CEO - September 2023(PDF, 222KB)
S14 - Instrument of Delegation by Chief Executive Officer for VicSmart Applications - September 2022(PDF, 213KB)
S16 - Instrument of Delegation by CEO for Bushfire Reconstruction - July 2022(PDF, 169KB)
S18 - Instrument of Sub-delegation to Council Staff - Environment Protection Act 2017 - July 2022(PDF, 114KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Purchasing - March 2023(PDF, 205KB)
List of Authorised Officers under the Local Government Act 1989 - May 2024(PDF, 61KB)

Delegations for Council's Community Asset Committees:

Community Asset Committees are established by Council under the Local Government Act 2020 with specific delegated powers and functions to manage Council-owned or controlled assets in our shire.

Instrument of Delegation - Creswick Museum Community Asset Committee - February 2021(PDF, 205KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Dean Recreation Reserve Community Asset Committee - September 2020(PDF, 206KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Drummond Hall Community Asset Committee - September 2020(PDF, 227KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Glenlyon Recreation Reserve Community Asset Committee - September 2020(PDF, 217KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles Community Asset Committee - September 2020(PDF, 216KB)
Instrument of Delegation - Lyonville Hall Community Asset Committee - September 2020(PDF, 209KB)